How to Pick Up an Awesome Copywriter?


No I am not talking about how to get me to write for you; however you can also do that.

The past Valentine’s Day inspired me to think of these seems to be so long ago careless days of mine where I was only interested in butterflies and unicorns (yes, I was, don’t judge me). I also bumped into an article asking me a question “When you were single, did you use the same pick-up line every time?” and than I accidentally encountered the image above… I knew it was a sign for m to write about How to Pick Up an Awesome Copywriter… professionally or romantically.

With the expanding population on Earth, we meet people every day. It doesn’t always mean we become friends forever or make perfect professional connection. However every time we meet a new person in our live we can potentially change our lives forever… professionally or romantically.

Copywriters are also people, women and men, introverted and not so much. Before even considering to befriending a writer, you need to know where to meet them, learn some ground rules of communication and most importantly understand who copywriters are, trying to avoid assumptions and prejudice. Let’s have a closer look!

They say Writers and Lawyers are The Biggest Drinkers 

We all heard I am sure that writers are big drinkers. Well, not necessarily; however many great writers were alcoholics including Allan Edgar Po, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald and even Ernest Hemingway who once said “Write drunk; edit sober”.

Do writers really drink more than any other professionals? Well, there is a believe that  alcohol not only makes writers less self-critical, it reduces fear. Writing is a very vulnerable activity therefore requires certain level of courage. As a result, some great minds chose to write drunk and edit sober.

Tennessee Williams, F Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Cheever, Carver, Berryman… Six giants of American literature – and all addicted to alcohol.

Tennessee Williams, F Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Cheever, Carver, Berryman… Six giants of American literature – and all addicted to alcohol.

However don’t use this against copywriters and rush to the bar to meet one. On other had, as I mentioned earlier, writers are also people so most likely you will meet one there. Regardless, drinking with a copywriter can often help him/her to overcome their inability to communicate with you. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying writers can’t talk. Oh no! Many of the great writers were amazing public speakers and fantastic, as nowadays we’d say, sales people. However many copywriters often prefer to live inside their worlds in their minds rather than drink with you.

Thus, be patient and interesting so your freshly met writer is hungry to be your friend.

“I am not Crazy, my Mother Had Me Tested”

How to Pick Up an Awesome Copywriter "I am not Crazy, my Mother Had Me Tested"

Many writers live happily inside their minds, in kind of imaginary worlds where they recharge, generate ideas and simply hang out. It is true for some and untrue for others. I believe that we all are very different; however writers are special type of humans who often need to have their own little (or big) world (space) where they can recharge, create, rest and be themselves.

If you happened to be at the local library or a co-working space be mindful if there is a copywriter typing away – don’t scare their muse.

Be especially careful if a copywriter is under pressure of deadlines. They can be unpredictable when trying their best to complete a giant job in time. Copywriters are creators, not accountants, you know.

Finally, don’t freak out if you hear copywriters talking to … well, themselves. They are not mad and there are no real voices in their heads (well, I’d like to hope so), they are simply having a conversation with themselves. This is not a sign of insanity, it is copywriting in action!

Many writers need to read / speak their ideas outloud which is a common proofreading technique. It also assist them in getting their ideas straight. In fact, I am reading this post outloud right now.

Speak Their Language 

Striking a conversation with a copywriter isn’t a rocket science. However it is not always easy to sustain a profound conversation for too long if you don’t speak their language. A small chat or a weather talk might not be much of a trouble; however as soon as you pop the question “What do you?” be prepared to hear some unspeakable things.

How to Pick Up an Awesome Copywriter? Writers' slang

For example, in copywriting circles, a teaser is a sadistic client who promises large remuneration and delivers less—often half of—the agreed upon copy fee.

Borrowed from the wrestling world, a sidebar is a protective physical maneuver used by copywriters to ward off aggression from editors and creative directors.

I find a kicker very funny. Apparently it is the HR professional responsible for firing unsuccessful copywriters and other underperforming staff.

There are many other words and phrases which might make little or no sense to none-writing population. Don’t despair though, copywriters are usually very educated people and know more words than you need to know to communicate with them. Due to the copywriters’ wide range of clients and industries they often work with, it is highly likely that they will find the right words to save you from the embarrassment. However don’t expect them to fall in love with you if you can’t juggle couple of terms and jargon words. It is not that important if you are building strictly professional relationship, of course.

Great Copywriter’s Features to Keep in Mind 

Understanding how writers are made is helpful when you are trying to befriend them or even build romantic relationship with.

There are some characteristics good copywriters posses or working on developing which you might want to remember when getting ready for your date / meeting.

How to Pick Up an Awesome Copywriter - good writer's characteristics

A good copywriter is in possession of the following:

  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work independently and collaborate effectively
  • Efficient at time management
  • Imaginative
  • Visually and verbally inclined
  • Detailed oriented
  • Great at research
  • Great listeners and observers
  • Multi-taskers
  • Ability to have and perform proper English
  • Knowing the different elements of copy and how to use them – headlines, lead lines, taglines and captions
  • Proper manuscript formats
  • Computer proficiency
  • Working knowledge of the media
  • Basic principles and practices of advertising, marketing and public relations
  • Standard business and client relations protocols

Why is it important to mind good writers’ characteristics? Well, you see writer aren’t just hard workers – writing is what they live for.

How to Pick Up an Awesome Copywriter?

Good copywriters are good because they love what they do therefore most likely deeply buried in their multi-tasking juggling friends and drinks, constantly correcting your not so perfect English, trying to complain to you about the new Google’s algorithm update which is currently affecting their entire SEO strategy for a new adult entertainment client or almost imagining things due to their sensitive and imaginative mind. Just be patient and try to learn from them.

Professional copywriters will try their best to find words to communicate their message to you, especially when building work relations. However you are ahead the game if you try to speak and understand their language.

No day is a good day if no one was smiling and laughing. I hope my post today made you laugh but also think about what are the best qualities in copywriters to seek for, how different writers often are and how to deal with them… and of course … what to keep in mind when you meet a writer.