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I sped through some crazily wet roads tonight to be home in time to share some information with you, guys.

First of all, I am sincerely sorry for not blogging as frequent as I promised myself to blog. It is absolutely my fault. However I’d love to blame my busy life style (giggling).

Today I want to share something we all need to be aware of.

1. Why are we so scared to be marketed to?

2. Shocking e-mail marketing stats  

3. New Spam law roll out 

One of my clients shared an e-mail he received from Bizow Online which is essentially a marketing agency. I absolutely love their website by the way.

The e-mail that got shared in the office was a piece of e-mail marketing Bizow Online sent out to their over 20,000 people data base. The e-mail contained some info and primarily a link to three events happening this month: DIY E-mail Marketing, DIY Adwords and DIY Content Marketing…  The speaker likes the three dots so I am having them here.

1. Why are we so scared to be marketed to?

Seriously, why?! I know Jordan Belfort is on his way to Australia however it doesn’t mean we all are about to get ripped off.

Anna Kochetkova: 1. Why are we so scared to be marketed to?

As I finished with the event and didn’t buy anything I took a quick elevator trip with several other attendees. Some of the email marketing ‘victims’ asked the rest of the lift ‘co-travelers’ if they find the DIY Email Marketing seminar any helpful / useful. I said that I was happy to pick a lot of small and important details up and couple of girls next to me expressed their unhappiness with being ‘marketed to’. She said something along these lines “you are there to learn about email marketing knowing that you’ve been marketed to. You sit there and listen thinking when are they going to trick you and than it happens”. It wasn’t exactly like that but it was implied.

I wonder if anyone would like to be taught something by someone who failed it this something. Yes we all ‘got marketed’ into the room to listen to some very useful tips (many in the room haven’t even heard of apparently) and offered to buy a $1000 WordPress development course at the end. You know what, I’ve always wanted to do one of these, I just never had a spare $1000 (while saving for my upcoming holidays). There are two issues I can see. Let’s match with what you got.

First of all, if you have just learnt something useful and gained value WHY the heck are you so upset you got email marketed in the room. Who cares how did they get the message out to you.

And secondly, if they didn’t e-mail you how would you ever learn (of course, there are other means of obtaining information but you get my point) whatever you learnt tonight?

See where I am going with it?! :)

I’ve gone to a few seminars this year and learnt an incredible lot out of this experience. I also attended some c**p events and I’ve learnt how to distinguish them from the crowd. Either way, I’ve gained the value I was looking for. Therefore I am, in fact, grateful I got marketed.

2. Shocking e-mail marketing stats  

The DIY Email Marketing seminar started with the speakers name I am sure; however I went out to powder my nose and missed out on this highly valuable information (which I caught up on later when send a thank you note). I walked in back on when the speaker was presenting some staggering statistics about email marketing. Instead of me re-telling you what they are, I took a picture of them and uploaded below. Enjoy! :)

Anna Kochetkova: email marketing stats

I want to draw you attention to the 44% on the top and 33% talking about the subject line.  Two very basic but often cooked wrongly ingredients of email marketing. I am not an exception here!

3. New Spam law roll out 

This is something I am very embarrassed of because I didn’t know it. As simple as that! However digital marketing changes quicker than Sydney weather in a day, I should have been on the top of that. Well, I am now! :)


Anna Kochetkova: SPAM ACT 2003 roll out MUST READ

The main thing you need to know about it that you, as a business or a marketer or both, can no longer just Google your prospective clients and email the s**t out of them. You, now, have to have the consent otherwise emailing is illegal. There is an exception though. You can e-mail someone without directly asking them for a permission only if your role is in particular resonance with the person’s (you emailing to) role of function. In other works, if you message in your email directly relates to the role of function of the recipient (aka asking for a quote etc) you are welcome to email without calling first and asking to email.

Other than that, please call people you don’t know and ask for their e-mail before sending one.

I am going back to Bizow Online to ask if they are hiring… KIDDING! I am back for more of their goodies. Next week they are talking about DIY AdWords which would be especially curious as I have an AdWords certificate however never really fully engaged in any campaigns. The week after that is DIY Content Marketing which is what I am all about myself :) I am looking forward!

If you would like me to share the content of the three seminars just leave a quick message in the comments below and I will do it happily! Thank you 

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