#TheWolfDownUnder Selling & Leading

So I finally met him. I mean I went to watch Jordan Belfort speak. It was a night of
Jordan Belfort – Wolf of Wall Street – LIVE in Sydney event.

#TheWolfDownUnder Selling & Leading

#TheWolfDownUnder Selling & Leading

#TheWolfDownUnder Selling & Leading

*I am writing this post assuming a lot of you know at least something about the guy because I don’t want to go into much of a detail of his life. He is now well-advertised and I do not need to go through it again.

Jordan is a big personality fellow. It is so big that I got extremely tired after his 3 hour straight-line “pitch”. You can watch / listen to his product online, no need to pay hundreds of bucks to be there. It is a great system and I am really happy I paid the money and went to see the guy; however you can do it all without paying or leaving your home; and the value is just as great.

Jordan has some amazing Voice! And I dont mean his actual voice (although it is of course nice too) but his personality’s Voice, yes with the capital V. He is incredibly extroverted. He is smart. He is charismatic. He knows what he wants and he won’t settle for less no matter what is it: money, women, audience… He mentioned that his comfortable salary (if you wish) is 10 million american dollars a year. He said it almost doesn’t cover his bills if it is less. Expensive life it is.


I am sure many of us watched the well advertised The Wolf of Wall Street movie. Many loved it and a lot of you hated it. When I announced on Facebook that I was going to the Mr Belfort’s talk in Sydney I got a few haters’ comments telling me that I was wasting my time and money. Moreover, Australian television was wasting its air on him. Fair enough! The guy stole heaps of money from a lot of people, was addicted to drugs and prostitutes, got jailed, came out and now making millions again though selling his ‘how-to-sell’ sort of system not really paying the victims off as quickly as he is now obliged to by the American government. Surely an awful man, you’d say!

However I am sure many of you would like 10 million dollars a year, party all the time and crash a yacht. This is just something many of us find attractive to dream of. Not many of us would dare to do any of that. This is why we watch movies.

I am, on other hand, get sea sick on yachts, do not enjoy partying as much, have never tried drugs in my entire life and would of course like 10 million dollars a year in my bank account. However I am a writer and my interest in a public figure is fairly natural. I am curious. I am active. I love to know what’s on. Jordan happened to be on :)


My post today is not to advertise Jordan once again, not to sell his selling system but to share my experience and what I’ve learnt from the observation of the Wolf.

To start with, the tickets were $129, $149 with a book and special seat and $179 with a book, special seat and VIP party time with Jordan. Yep, this guy gets paid to party! I will be honest with you, I bought my ticket half a year in advance so it costed me $79 or so. Stingy! I wanted to party with Jordan too, of course. When I was considering to buy a VIP ticket, it was $500. I didn’t purchase it. Sorry mate it is just a bit too crazy! Saying that, I would love to be paid to to just party with:)

Half way through the Jordan’s talk I was literally happy I didn’t have to party or even come too close to him. I’ve realised my deeply introverted nature could not bare the crazy extroverted stream of energy. Too much of you, mate!


I will get to the feelings and emotions part later. However let’s go through some of the points I found curious, funny, important, useful, annoying and interesting.


Jordan believes there are two types of people: excuses people, or so called Ducks; and opportunities & results people, or so called Eagles. Ducks quack by which he means always have excuses not to do something. A lot of people following the rules are ducks according to Jordan. I think he meant hipsters (kidding). They follow manuals and rules do not apply their own thinking. They are ducks and they are excuses people and Jordan doesn’t want to do anything with them.

I went on Twitter during the talk using #TheWolfDownUnder initially to see who was sitting at the front (or who paid $179 to party with the Wolf lol) where I founds several comments of the girls at the front tweeting “don’t be a duck” etc.

Aren’t we forgetting that rules were made to be able to manage crowds. Perhaps rules are annoying to individuals and eagles but in order to keep some sort of peace in the society you need rules whether they are law, a book or any other form of authority. As we know, Jordan doesn’t like to follow any rules.

Rules are ridiculous. Eagles make things happen. J.B.

At the same time, Eagles are the minority who make a great living, are famous or notorious, they don’t usually crash their yachts and helicopters but often have one or tow. Eagles do what they have/want to do no matter what. These people usually leave a mark in the history.


Sales, Influence & Persuasion are the skills to learn, according to Jordan. They are also the skills that can be learnt and taught. Warren Edward Buffett is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is widely considered the most successful investor of the 20th century. He is an Eagle and a good student in becoming a billionaire due to his learnt sales, influence and persuasion skills.

Do you remember the book Secret? It made a lot of noise when I was a teenager. I am sure it is still around; however I haven’t heard anyone mentioning it anymore. The book is talking about the Law of Attraction which basically requires you  to sit down and imagine 10 million dollars. Eventually it will magically appear in your hands. Well, it doesn’t really mean that. Jordan believes that visualizing setting your goals clearer allowing you to work out your steps towards it . However no results will be attracted without getting closer to them yourself.

People do not follow goals. People follow visions. J.B.

Visualising means clearing target and awareness. J.B.

Jordan was talking about, and it is important, seeing things very clear. Seeing things the way they ARE, not worse. Making sure we have a vision and clear goals. Understanding what gets us up in the morning. Jordan talked about having very precise destination understanding, awareness of the starting point and of course strategies to move forward. He finds it important to understand why something matters to us and what that is that matters to us.

I must say I agree with his quick comment on someone’s belief “I don’t need money in life”. You can be as hippy as you like but if you’re renting a house, wearing clothes or hungry, money will be really needed.

I don’t want to go through Jordan’s wealth index as I personally do not find it extremely accurate. Moreover, it is his product he’s created which might appear a little bias. I am sure you could find it if Google hard enough :)


I want to talk about the Voice! As a good friend of mine called it ‘self-worth’. There are a lot of great kids who are probably Ducks at this stage, Jordan words speaking. However they are amazing! I know some awesome writers and even marketers who can put together a million dollar article or a strategy but they absolutely cannot sell themselves and have never taken their capabilities one level up… yet.

Jordan is talking about Selling being everything in our lives because we sell products, ideas, concepts and even family and relationships. Jordan believes in empowering people to take action which should bring positive results back.

He talks about Inner world which is our Mindset and Outer world which is ideas to we apply to make our dreams come true. Selling is where it all comes together.

Jordan outlines eight basic concepts the understanding of which leads to success. They really make sense and I think a lot of you will benefit from being reminded of them. Yes reminded as I am sure we all know them already.

1. MANAGE EMOTIONAL STATE. Emotions make us feel amazing and they make us feel devastated. Moreover, they often make us feel ‘inappropriately’. You do not show you fear when come across a tiger even though you are petrified big times. Jordan suggested a great technique which I’ve learnt during my brief NLP training back in Russia. Smelling something when something good happens in order to anchor the emotion with the smell. Therefore every time you are feeling down all you do is smell your happiness trigger aroma. Jordan is talking about empowering state / feeling of course. Smelling the power, almost literally, in order to feel it.

There are eight empowering states he mentioned which are Certainty, Clarity, Courage, Confidence, Compassion, Love, Patience and happiness.

2. YOUR BELIEFS STEAL YOUR SUCCESS. According to Jordan, our beliefs are the silent killers of success. Therefore limiting beliefs should be completely eliminated. This is why, I guess, I do not support any type of religion, personally. Jordan is referring to all kinds of beliefs of course including our believe of something being impossible, too hard or stupid. None of the above is true in any situation. Individual’s perception is only a interpretation based on experiences.

3. YOUR NEGATIVITY. People focus on what they are afraid of and where they don’t want to be. Jordan suggests we don’t blame or justify ourselves. He reckons we complain too often which results in focusing on the negative aspects rather than moving on and thinking of what you want.

I must agree, it is an extremely common problem which is often not eliminated even when acknowledged. I see a lot of people walking around their offices and complaining how long this week was and how they have too much work to do instead of being happy and proud that the week went so well and they accomplished so much. Personally, I believe it is very human to whinge. It is almost like people are afraid (here it is again) to be seen too happy.

Here is an old good “How and where do I see myself in five years from now and why?” Jordan asked the audience to write these answers to the following questions down: Where are you living? Working? Company? Communicate with people you love? Charities? Vacations? Assets?

Do you want to see my answers? E-mail me and I will let you know :) 

4. YOUR REALITY VISION. Long term indicator of where you will end up in life. A vision must be grounded in reality. All he is saying that dreaming of being a president United States right after finishing University is a great vision but not very realistic. Becoming a president one day IS a realistic vision :)

5. IF YOU FAIL, FAIL ELEGANTLY. Hey, we all fail sometimes, some more often than others. However if you don’t fail you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you never progress. If you don’t progress you die, really. Maybe not literally but your venture I mean.

Take security precautions that allow you to be wrong, minimize the fungicidal pain and learn the most out of it is what Jordan promotes. Moreover, he is encouraging to learn how to succeed wildly. Jordan’s key to success is under-promising and the over-deliver. He reckons you make money by finding more customers and providing excellent service. Makes sense, right!

6. ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCT. This is where Jordan talked about marketing whether it is direct mail, testimonials, TV, radio, door to door, public relations, website, PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, building a sales funnel, social media and whatever else offline and online marketing you can think of. If you want to learn more about marketing, send me an e-mail.

7. MANAGE EXPECTATIONS. GIVE MASSIVE VALUE. Jordan believes that If you break an objection, you’re likely to break rapport. He is warning about logic and encouraging to work off massive values. Give all the value they (customers) don’t even expect and you are on the top of the game. I think this is where his whatever-he-was-smelling wore out and I stopped understanding him well enough :)

8. MULTIPLE SOURCE OF OUTCOME. I can relate to this very well and I understand Jordan’s lesson here. He warns though that diversifying your income through sacrificing your core business is not a smart idea of course. He encouraged the audience to really look into affiliate marketing (which most bloggers live off).

#TheWolfDownUnder Selling & Leading

Jordan’s core elements of selling lies within love: who ever is buying of you must first love your product emotionally, trust and connect with you (the seller), trust and connect with your company or brand and, finally, your potential buyer needs to reach their threshold. Every person has a certain point(threshold) where they feel comfortable to buy.

Let me please say it again, selling & buying isn’t just products or services. I am talking about gaining your Voice! Whether you are asking for a pay raise or trying to implement a change you need to basically sell.

Now tell me, are you a DUCK or an EAGLE?

Have a watch how ‘the changed man’ is not entirely ready to answer all the questions…

60 Minutes Australian interview.

6 thoughts on “#TheWolfDownUnder Selling & Leading

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I saw JB live in Melbourne as well and was planning to write a post about it as soon as I come back to Melbourne.

    In my opinion, despite what he’s done in the past, he really brought up some good points during the talk that get you thinking! At the end of the day, I personally felt that I learned new things after the talk. I honestly feel a little bad for the fact that he is portrayed so negatively by the media (like in the video you posted for example). I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and that it’s a shame people often make judgments without seeing the good in people too. I do feel bad for the so-called “victims” but people make mistakes, learn from them and move on. For me, I don’t really want to waste my energy discussing whether what he’s done was good or bad, but what I do know for sure is that he is currently sharing his knowledge and expertise to help people worldwide, and I do have some respect for that!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Alda, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate! I must admit, I don’t believe that people change BUT I believe in people learning :) Moreover, whatever he’s done, bad or good he is, at the end of the day it is up to you, to me and anyone else to take the good and apply in their lives. I lve your blog by the way and would love some advice from you maybe :) Many thanks