Blogging for Bakers: 3 Reasons Why All Businesses Should Blog


The Butcher, The Baker and The Candlestick Maker: Why You Should Blog, No Matter What Your Business?

Everyone’s heard that old nursery rhyme ‘Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Men in a Tub’, right? Well, little did you know that it also provides some insight into an important marketing question: ‘Who should blog for their business?’ The answer to this is ‘the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker’ – in other words, anyone who has a business or a product for sale!

Blogging is extremely common nowadays. In recent years, platforms such as WordPress, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr and even Twitter have rapidly popularised the idea. There are so many places where you can post your tasty stories.

Did you know that WordPress alone hosts 17.8 billion pages, with 49.8 million new posts and 61.5 million comments per month? Moreover, it is a community of people who love to stay in touch with each other, liking, sharing and commenting on all types of content.

Now, you might be wondering, ‘How does this all relate to me?’ – especially if your business, for example, is all about baking bread or decorating cupcakes. Well, read on to find out, future blogging bakers! Here are three great reasons to start a business blog.

You’ll form a unique identity for your business.

Did you know that a blog can be the difference between a few customers and a large, dedicated client and reader base? An identity for any business, including a bakery, is incredibly important, as customers have a positive and unique association with your brand through personal commentary, videos, photos, updates and reviews. There’s nothing like snapshots of baked goods to get customers heading to your store with tastebuds a-tingle and wallets at the ready!

The formation of your brand is particularly important for drawing in the online market, letting a new client base know about your products and/or store. Nowadays, most people search online for information before purchasing from or visiting an establishment. A bakery with an online profile, for example, is more visible and thus relatable than one with no online presence. Blogs provide proof of work, and also have the bonus of humanising your business, showing off that hard work in a more informal setting than a website.

You’ll gain connections and share your expertise.

Connecting with people is a great way of drawing people to your business. Positive reviews and comments submitted to your blog are hugely influential to new customers. Opening a new point of contact with customers, such as a blog, exposes your business to new clients, enthusiasts and reviewers.

Expertise is also highly sought after. Behind-the-scenes videos or photos posted on a blog are a great way to show that your business has that expert quality which is always highly prized. Blogging has great potential: not only is one blog post showing off the brand, but every reblog, pinned post and retweet exposes the brand to a new community of potential customers – in the case of a bakery, avid foodies or pastry-lovers looking for their next baked treat.

You’ll generate valuable business buzz.

Blogging provides a great way to generate buzz about new products and events. Updating your blog might not seem like a big deal, but in posting about new goodies and promotional events – or, for bakers, the return of seasonal menu items such as hot cross buns – you are easily creating a sense of curiosity and interest.

Blogging also often allows for tagging – using key words that expose your promotional message, video or photo to members of the online community outside your direct circle.

That all sounds pretty good, but what else will blogging get me?

A blog post on Tumblr or WordPress can gain hundreds or thousands of reblogs and likes and be seen by millions of people, simply through showing up in followers’ feeds and using appropriate tags. Blogging sites also allow you to reblog and like other posts, connecting your business with a larger community. Many popular blogs will generate ad revenue, much like YouTube, and also let you track what’s popular and what’s not.

Genre and company blogs can achieve a large following for their products, photos, expertise and discussions, allowing customers to ask questions and submit posts or reviews. You may even generate a large number of blog posts that you could later turn into a book and start selling! (Recipe book for your bakery, anyone?) The extended connections that blogging facilitates are important in growing a brand, reaching out to past and present customers, and gaining more customers in future.

So, dear bakers, what are you waiting for? Dust the flour off your hands, hit the computer and start baking up a blog for your business!