I absolutely love Mondays.

In fact, Monday is one of my favourite days in a week.

I get excited about Mondays.

I am (usually) never tired on Mondays.

I am the most productive and creative on Monday (morning!).

In fact, I am writing this blog post on a Monday; and my thoughts have never been more clear (or clearer, depending what grammar camp you belong to).

Interestingly, Monday is one of the most hated days of the week. There are more memes about Mondays than there are about Ryan Gosling. Mondays are the days cursed over a morning coffee. Mondays are the silent days at the office. Mondays are the still recovering hangovers. Mondays are the bitter taste of the ended weekend.

Ryan-Gosling-Monday-meme---Anna Kochetkova

But why Mondays are so dreadful?

According to a Gallup poll, 70% of people are not entirely happy with their job. This contributes to what psychiatrists and career coaches call as the “Monday Blues” which sometimes ruin many people’s Sundays as well because the feelings of depression and anxiety start 24 hours before leading to the unproductive Monday.

Another curious explanation for the colour (blue) coded Mondays stated that an average weekend might involve eating, drinking, or even smoking which take a toll on our physical well-being which results in feeling least attractive, energised and overall happy on Mondays.

In all the honestly, all the excuses for unpleasant Mondays that I managed to find led me to believe that Mondays are no worse or better than any other day, scientifically speaking. However the way we make out Mondays to be is clearly negative. Why are we doing this?

The unhappiest life ever award

Have you noticed how when you bump into a friend or a colleague who often whinges about their life and ask them ‘how you going?’, the respond is more often than not something like ‘oh crazy life, so much is on, its a nightmare, and it is Monday today, you know’? We often reserve ourselves from sharing our positive outlook on things once we’re introduced to the ‘dark reality’. Moreover, many people often want to top up the negative comment by sharing their ‘yeah I hear you, I have so much on too…’. The battle for the worst life is on. And although no one is going to get an Oscar for the most unhappy well-being, many cannot resist playing this game.

Monday-haters---Anna Kochetkova

I absolutely love Mondays. Well, I am sure you gathered this already. Mondays is like a new beginning – it is exciting, fresh and energising. Although my mother often used to say ‘who starts a new life on a Monday has a psychotherapist session booked on Tuesday’, I love the idea of a new beginning. The trick is I don’t start a ‘new life’ every Monday but I see a new opportunity to achieve more awesomeness because a new week has just kicked in. I am also excited to see the people I was away from during the weekend. And I am generally more rested on Monday than, for example, on Friday.

Although, any other day of my week is as amazing, Mondays are one of the best.

In fact, it absolutely doesn’t matter what day it is. However, believing that a day you are living right now is the best day ever is useful, helpful and much more productive than believing that today is the worst day ever.

Believing that today is the best day is useful.

Even if you are having a not so great day, force yourself into a few minutes of smiling. Just try it. You will start feeling a lot better in just a few minutes. Has you day actually changed? Probably not. However, your perception of it has.

Useful belief has first came across my mind a few years ago when I started to hang out with a few young entrepreneurs who, in comparison with previous generation business people, were a lot more positive and excited about everything in their lives, good or bad. I questioned their honesty and felt puzzled by their endless happiness till one day I decided to try on the happiness hat. Remaining positive and helpful in any situation in business or life attracted more positive people to myself reassuring me that I was onto to something here.

A few weeks ago I downloaded ‘Useful Belief: Because It’s Better Than Positive Thinking’ book by Chris Helder and it hit me like a lightning. Having a useful belief was that secret the young entrepreneurs shined through their attitude.

Let me give you an example.

I was getting on a plane to Brisbane a few weeks ago. It was a late Friday flight which was also three hours delayed due to the heavy storm in Sydney. I decided to enjoy a drink at the airport patiently waiting for the plane to be ready for boarding. As I finally made it on the plane I started to slowly move towards my seat. People were ordinary disorganised, slow and a little impatient. This was a perfect formula for an argument to be born.

I must admit I’ve never been too irritated by slow walker or city drivers or plane boarding people but I had a few angry spill outs with government, religious organisations and large corporations.

The delayed plan from Sydney was like an angry people breeding pond. A gentlemen behind me decided to share his frustration blaming the air hostesses for the delay, slow passenger and clearly no longer pleasant afternoon. It seemed like many were waiting for the opportunity to add fuel into this fire and gladly joined the disappointment wagon attacking the angry man, the hostesses and the entire airline. As the fire continued to burn, I was already 15 minutes into my book not longer noticing the disagreements passengers and hostesses seemed to indulge in.

And the Oscar goes to…


The truth is Mondays are awesome. But so are any other days. You are in charge of how you feel. And you can decide whether it is useful for you to get frustrated with the slowly filling in plane or to feel something a little more productive and pleasant.

A traffic gem is an opportunity to meditate or listen to that podcast you never have time for. A slowly moving line is a great chance to meet new people – you already have a lot in common. The useful belief is the belief that allows you to select how you feel, think and react improving your life and catching new opportunities.

So, what do you say, do you now love Mondays to?

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