You Don’t Have to be an Entrepreneur


A new and exciting friend of mine, and a digital marketing and sales funnels professional, and I caught up at the local pub to talk about life, dual personalities, business and unicorns, of course.

He brought up a really interesting topic I absolutely had to waive into the article I’ve now been writing for a few days. He talked about us, humans, having many different personalities within each of us. Not one, not two or five but an extended number of different people communicating with one another. Before you think that I’ve gone absolutely crazy, let me explain.

Imagine you decide to ‘start a new life tomorrow’ and will now be going for short runs every morning, getting up an hour earlier your usual time. You get all excited, prepare your running clothes, go to bed early and 100% committed to your new you.

In the morning, the alarm goes off, you wake up hating the idea, realise it was stupid, reach out for the snooze button and go back to sleep.

All the inner personalities are pulling us in different directions, for example, when we are deciding between having donuts because we like them or lettuce because we want to be healthier, to get a full time job because it’s safer or to jump into an entrepreneurial world and risk the savings we have.

This doesn’t mean we are crazy, we simply live with different inner voices that tell us what to do. This is why decision making is never easy.

Understanding this can really help us make these decisions. If we allow ourselves to have conversations with all the personalities we have, we can make sure we follow the voices we want at any given time and don’t get seduced by others.

If you are still with me, let’s now dive into why I am talking about all this today.

If you are on the couch scrolling through your Facebook feed and starting to feel a little too fat I highly recommend you stop the torture and switch to a good old book or a podcast. If you’re reading this article you are doing great already. Well done.

Welcome to the reality. No filters and no makeup. This is my personal thoughts about naked and unphotoshopped common sense.

Let me start by saying that I had a friendly argument with a reputable [none fiction] writer who ensured me that you cannot write a worth reading pieces if you use words such as ‘naked’.  Well, I am giving it a go.

In the 21st century we are living in the world where many modern concepts are taking over lives including social media, entrepreneurship, Boss Girls, strategy and goals chasing, million dollar lifestyle, travel and exclusive events. Our inner personalities probably want it all. The whole entrepreneurial movement has been a hell of a ride for many in the Western world. It has also been a revenue stream for anyone fitting a ‘business coach’ or ‘entrepreneurship coach’ or/and ‘mentor’ label.

On the other hand, there are mechanics, zoo keepers, managers, farmers and police officers who are almost oblivious to the ‘struggles’ of the digital world. Did I say struggles?

I’ve been thinking about this for the last 3 years and it seems to be the perfect time to share it with you, for better or worse.

There is a growing and exploding concept of entrepreneurship. There’s a whole army of so known like-minded people out there who’re chasing the lifestyle, the money and the fame Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Oprah have been living. Many old-school entrepreneurs, such as a few mentioned a sentence ago, have carved out the path for the up-and –coming –wanna-preneurs who’re on the steroids brand growth around the world.

Social media, of course, has inflated the trend spreading it further and planting it deeper. Although I am eternally grateful to the contagious idea of self-employment which trained my will and improved my skills in the game, I am feeling more concerned than ever for the well-being of our minds.

I am just going to say it. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur. You don’t have to be your own boss. You don’t have to take Instagram images of you working environment from different exotic countries, your laptop or torn apart jeans.

The glorified idea of young people who take pictures of their jeans, yachts and puppies, who travel the world while running their grand businesses doesn’t have to be your life.

The jeans, the tech, the yachts and the exotic destinations are a part of personal branding and digital marketing. My heart goes out to these young and brave who dare to chase their dreams no matter what. Amazing! Love it! But we must not forget that their lives aren’t always that glamorous. Running your own business is a very hard work packed with many risks and big and often difficult decisions taken and made daily. Many start up-ers spend long hours working, sleepless nights worrying and risk everything they have chasing the shiny lifestyle of an entrepreneur.

Not everything that’s shiny gold. A good friend of mine and a successful business coach has exactly that – she travels the world, never settles for one a city or country, meets amazing people around the globe, her office is a beach or a mountain or some other exquisite spot on Earth. It seems like she’s living the dream many are chasing. On the flip side of this shiny coin, she’s ended up damaging her health forced to take a few months off her crazy lifestyle being admitted into a hospital.

This is indeed an extreme example. I, in no way, want to deter young, brave and talented people from achieving the amazing heights. At the same time, I would like to remind us all that social media inflates a lot of content. We read less; want everything faster and more accessible. We often don’t take enough time to research or double check and ask questions. Life’s become fast and furious.

If you are on the couch scrolling through your Facebook feed and starting to feel a little too fat because of gorgeous images of not so well-known to you people, this might be your first sign to switch off.

Don’t take me wrong, I love digital, I love hours spent on Instagram, I met people and made friends via Facebook, I keep up with news on Twitter and have no issues with checking my e-mails first thing in the morning or not checking them for days. I think digital is the way forward. Whether you find selfies stupid or you enjoy the games, this is the reality and it is not going away. However, you are the owner and the sculpturer of your life. You absolutely don’t have to be an entrepreneur.

What do you think? 

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