Facebook boosting is one of the common questions I get when it comes to social media advertising. Boosting, sponsored or advertising are, really synonyms; however there is a major difference there – the objective! A little word of warning: the Facebook objective and your objective will often differ from one another.

Since Facebook boosting is one of the hottest topics I figure it is worth sharing some basic knowledge in case you are considering to boost some of your Facebook content.

Somewhere in 2015, Facebook’s organic (unpaid) reach of your posts equated to 16% (on average).  We are now talking about 2,5-4%. This means that a large portion of your fanbase will not see the latest addition to your Page and your hard work will go unnoticed. To make it even worse, in 2018 the organic reached plummeted even more heading toward a very firm zero.

That sucks! But do not click off just yet.

If this year is the year of big guns marketing for your business,  Facebook boosting could be a great tool.

Let’s unpack this before you get absolutely discouraged.

Strategy Strategy Strategy

Boosting is an act of paying for an organic post to receive more reach and engagement that it would have had otherwise.

Before you decide to go on the boosting spree, decide on what you are going to measure. What matters to your business?

I often talk about the importance of social media strategies. Today won’t be a different day! If you are investing in a piece of content you absolutely must understand why. It makes sense, right.

Your audience vs your following: these are not always the same

Once you are clear about your strategies, I’d recommend going through your Facebook Audience Insights. There is crazy a lot data! You won’t need it all most likely. However, this will give you a good understanding of who is your audience.

Now, you know how to communicate with them, possible pain points and some basic demographic data. This is important for your targeting.

Audience Insights - Boosting

Export Data - Boosting

Exporting Data - Boosting

Facebook targeting will depend on your business targeting of course. I need to say it again because I’ve seen Facebook Pages with the following that had nothing to do with the business’ customers (making the Page’s community practically useless). This is all too common to ignore.

Your Facebook advertising and boosting targeting can be based on age, gender, location and interests you are after.

This top of funnel targeting is perfect for testing, for these who are unsure about their audience and people looking to spend little for a wider exposure to their brand.

If you have not run a funnel yet or don’t have a custom audience ready to go, this is the place to start.

Basic Demographics - Boosting

Boosting a piece of content, like a blog for example can be a great way of creating a database of a custom audience.

People who consumed your content and stuck around for a little while can be collided into an audience to further re-market too.

If you already have a database you will be able to use it for a lookalike audience targeting.

Custom audience - Boosting

Boost your winning posts

Facebook Insights - Boosting

I mentioned earlier that poor content even boosted won’t work well.

It’s important to watch your Page’s analytics (which you can find under the Insights tab) before deciding what to boost. Something will definitely stand out. Have a browse.

You don’t always have to boost the content that performed well. If your Facebook Page is relatively new with a smaller following it is possible that not much engagement is going on.

In this case dark post ads could be of great help.

Play by the rules

It’s also important to note, that you need to adhere to Facebook’s Advertising Policies. These include stipulations on using text on images, age-restricted material, prohibited content, etc.  There’s nothing worse than taking the time to create a post that won’t be accepted because you failed to do the research on what’s allowed.

This is a little bit of a vicious circle.

If your ads are poor viewers don’t like them and often report them. If there are too many poor ads viewers use Facebook less. Advertisers lose the eyeballs driving the advertising costs up. The change raises alarms and Facebook updates their platform. Advertisers get upset with the inevitable changes.

If we all are playing our part well, the entire system functions a lot better.

Hire an expert

I design social media strategies for entrepreneurs to scale their business. If you feel you are ready to give your business a growth boost, let’s chat: http://goodsocialonly.com/social-media/

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