Small Business’ Blogging: The Importance of Content Marketing

small business blogging - content queen

So, your dream business has already seen a bright light of the day! Everything seems to be in place, you are getting those initial customers and are determined to provide an exceptional customer service to get good business coming in. You have the official website up & running and might have also decided on your marketing strategy by now. And if we are guessing it right your marketing strategy mostly comprises of social media, which undoubtedly is undoubtedly a very effective way of marketing your small business . There is no denying of the fact that Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms have helped numerous small businesses swim through the competitive sea of sharks.

However have you thought about what are you posting on your social media? Have you ever stopped and wondered how your customers are already getting bombarded with sales driven messages and advertisements in their news feed every time they jump online. Most small businesses make a mistake of spending too many resources on marketing efforts failing to consider one of the most powerful tools of marketing in this time & age, content marketing, or let’s use the more familiar term, Blogging.

Yes, it involves social media and is not relatively new but it certainly engages customer’s attention in so many ways. Running a blog could prove as a blessing, in this marketing frenzy world, for your business. Take our word for that and stop believing that content marketing is only productive for big businesses. Regardless of the nature of your business, you cannot ignore the fact that today’s smart customer prefer to jump online before visiting any business.

Having a good quality & relevant content on your website blog is going to earn that most sought after respect for your business. Consumers appreciate some extra bit of knowledge and when your business provides that essential knowledge of interest to the customers they will trust you more than your competitors. Blogging will also get your name out there and it’s going to make all the difference, crucial for a business, in writing its success story.

Building custom content in your area of expertise i.e. your business means pulling more traffic to your website. Regular Blogs or content help search engine optimisation which results into your business popping up in the Google search more often.

Want to drive more traffic to other social media accounts of your business? Well, Blogs can fulfill that wish for you. Simply post social media share buttons like Facebook, Twitter etc below every blog and see the magic happening. It is a sure shot way to broaden the reach of your quality content across varied platforms and reach out to a wider audience.

Every business has a story to tell, why not share it with the people who are the foundation of every business, customers. Customers love that kind of engagement because they are not being exposed to just another advertisement or sales message. For them, it is more of an information source which will lead into business prospects. Now, what businessman wouldn’t want that!

Surround Yourself with Like Minded People and Tasty Things

How often do you get to do ‘office’ job on the beach?

When I was little girl I thought that working for a big company is a pinnacle of being successful. It didn’t matter, theoretically, if you hated your work. It just had to be a big brand someone owned you slaved for whether they called you a manager or a director. Since I was born and brought up in Moscow (Russia) this is the impression I had of my inevitable future. Well, life isn’t engraved or written. we chose how to live it!

Instead, I caught a plane to Sydney straight out of university never walking into a large organisation to slave my days away. Ironically, I continued chasing big brands till I landed in the office of one. I thought it was my moment to shine. It was my moment to lead the pack and change the world. How big my surprise was when I found myself becoming a one of many invisible people working 12 hours a day completing mundane meaningless tasks day in and day out.

A few months later, I was sitting on the beach working on the business strategy & planning with two amazing entrepreneurs and stunning ladies.

YoursSocially with Content Queen

Starting up my own business has been a journey of blood, sweat, tears and a lot of fun. Joining a start up with two amazing business women also felt right. So I figured that following your dream can often mean a few months of a black hole or two in my bank account (giggling) but it will reward you with amazing lifestyle, awesome friendships and priceless connections. Shoes will come with time (giggle again).

Running a business is very creative which is what I strive for. However it can also be draining when caught up in mundane work. Getting out and collaborating often helps to get back on track. If you feel like you are loosing the energy, do the following:

1. Get outside! Get active! Switching your attention to something outside your work is incredibly important. Whenever you switch your focus to none related work you come up with solutions and awesome ideas. It seems to make no sense; however whenever I am stuck with something I go for a run, a swim, go the gym or meet a few friends to bounce ideas of. You often find solutions in allegory, none related information or, you know, she said that he said… Bingo! A new idea was born!

2. Surround yourself with like-minded people! This is not another herbalife story. Many successful entrepreneurs often mention it. It is important to surround yourself with people who are also ambitious, positive and strive for success and achievements. No offence anyone but hanging out with negative and unhappy people often brings me down to the bottom with no ladders to climb back up. Stay happy and be contiguously happy so more happy people stick around (not in a hippy way of course). Meeting people who are on the same page with you brings more creativity and innovation in enabling you to create new business, partnerships, charities, or amazing fun activities. Having like-minded people around makes you want to fly!

3. Eat well! Eat tasty! Experiment! Negative people are often dependent on food because it gives them happiness they cannot achieve otherwise. Happy people love to experiment, finding new tastes, looks and feels. I believe that it is a skill to be able to enjoy good food because most of the time I treat food as a source of energy, rather than a piece of meaningful art. However, I appreciate new discoveries and knowledge sharing especially when it comes to new nutritious food or drinks. Taste-buds are like the extension of the creative part of your brain – when stimulated it starts to work harder using less energy. Kombucha on the beach

Work hard! Play hard! Don’t slave away! Enjoy life! Surround yourself with like-minded people! Eat well! Stay active! Share love! And drink kombucha (giggling)!

Why Should Bakers Blog?

Why Bakers should Blog - Content Queen.docx

Many people know about blogging, platforms such as WordPress, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr and even Twitter have popularized the idea. Yes, Pinterest and Twitter, similarly to other social media channels, are also your blogging platform. There are so many places where you can post your tasty stories.

Did you know that WordPress alone hosts 17.8 billion pages with 49.8 million new posts and 61.5 million comments per month? Moreover, it is a community of people who love to stay in touch with each other sharing your content, commenting on it and liking it.

If you business is all about baking bread or decorating exclusive cupcakes, how does this all relate to you? 

Forming a Unique Identity

Did you know that a blog can be the difference between a few customers and, a dedicated client and reader base? An identity for a bakery is incredibly important, as customers learn to have a positive and unique association with your brand through personal commentary, videos, photos, updates and reviews. There is nothing like snapshots of baked goods to get customer’s tastebuds watering and heading to your store, for a taste of your products!

The formation of your brand online is particularly important for drawing in the online market, letting a new client base know about your products and store information. Most people nowadays search online for information before purchasing. A baker with an online profile is more visible and thus relatable than one without an online presence. Blogs provide the proof of work, and also have the bonus of humanising your business, showing off that hard work in a more informal setting than a website.

Connection and Expertise

Connecting with people is a great way of drawing people to your bakery. Positive reviews and comments submitted to your blog are hugely influential to new customers. Opening a new point of contact with customers such as a blog, exposes your bakery to new customers, enthusiasts, and reviewers.

Expertise is also highly sought after, behind the scenes videos or photos posted on a blog, are a great way to show that your bakery has the quality which is always highly prized. Blogging has great potential where not only is one blog showing off the brand, but every reblog, pinned post, retweet and liked post, exposes the brand to a new community of people, customers and foodies.

Generating Buzz

Blogging provides a great way to generate buzz about new products and events. Updating your blog, might not seem like a big deal, but in posting about new goodies, promotional events or the return of seasonal food such as hot cross buns, there is a curiosity created, and fulfilled in short and easy posts.

Blogging also often allows for tagging, key words that expose your promotional message, video or photo, to members of the foodie or baking community outside your direct circle.

So, Why Should You Blog?

A blog post on Tumblr or WordPress can gain hundreds of thousands of reblogs and likes, being seen by millions of people, simply through being shown to followers, and tagging. Blogging sites also allow you to reblog and like other baking posts, connecting with a larger community. Many popular blogs will generate ad revenue, much like Youtube, and also let you track what’s popular and what’s not. Genre and company blogs achieve a large following for their products, photos, expertise and discussions, allowing customers to ask questions, submit posts or reviews. The connection that blogging facilitates is important in growing a brand and connecting with past and present customers to gain more in future.

Over time, you will generate a heavy number of blog posts which you could later turn into a book and start selling in your bakery and online.

Give Love to Receive Love: FUND MY TICKET

Fund my ticket

FUND MY TICKET to Content Marketing Event of the Year to help me grow! In exchange I will give away my services to help you grow your dream!

Community is all about supporting each other. I’ve always been a great believer in giving away hence I’ve shared my marketing knowledge and skills with a number of businesses never asking anything in return.

Today I am at the stage of transforming my venture into a giant small-business-owners’ helper. Trust me, Santa won’t bring you such presents! However right now I am low in cash due to putting all my love and finance into my passion which happened to be my business. Anything amazing takes time! I know it! You know it!

Therefore I am not ashamed to admit bad days as well as brag about good ones! Either would be useful for anyone starting up their dream right now. Business is a fascinating journey not an overnight weight gain (giggling).

So, I decided to turn to the entrepreneurial and business owners community to fund my Content Marketing Institute Conference March ticket in exchange for my services! I am giving away 2 articles ( or/and blog posts) of your choice + your LinkedIn profile examination and improvement suggestion for your donation. 

Each of you who is giving your love away is getting a triple of mine back!! Plus I want to see if crowd funding works at all or is it an old wives tale.

I am hoping to collect the minimum of the Conference 17-18 Mar 2015 value which is $1,995.00. If it goes any crazier I won’t purchase a workshop ticket but will give away again, helping someone else, trying to learn more, to get a ticket to the event. Let’s rock n roll! Thank you

*if no required funds are collected, the money will be distributed back to the donors

Content is Queen & This is How Coca Cola Understand It

I watched this awesome video content today created by The Cognitive Media and I am very impatient to share with you.

Content is Queen and it is not going away! Big brands are planning their content strategies years in advance which enables their advantage over the rest of the world. Why are they so diligent with their content creation?

Content excellence, according to The Cognitive Media, is the a piece of content that becomes so contentious we cannot control it anymore. Isn’t this exactly what we all want?

Creating such content is what Content Queen all about. Mind you it doesn’t happen over night and it doesn’t just happen. Many brands work years on finding their story and working on their content spells. With your patience and commitment, my knowledge and strategies and our cooperation, we can grow any small fish into a beautiful whale!

Content excellence

The contagious content which is not just about dancing cats but relevant to your brand and your consumers is the content called linked.

The whole purpose of your business’ content is to provoke conversations and make them contagious. Your consumers start sharing your content with their peers expanding further away outside of your business’s marketing reach.

It all starts from your brand’s stories. You tell endless amazing stories which are liquid and linked which provoke conversations which you then react to 365 days a year. 

So why are we doing it? Because we want to change!

1. We want to double the size of our business. I want it. You want it.

2. We’ve now created consumer generated stories’ communities which have become our brand’s ambassadors carrying our brand on their hands. I want it. You want it.

3. We’ve now become technologically more developed expanding our capability to serve our consumers / customers 24/7 becoming more connected.

With all this in mind, we must never forget that while this is how it is today it will change and adjust tomorrow. The evolution of your brand as well as the stories you tell must continue.

Watch the video provided to finish this amazing story! Trust me, it is worth your seven and a half minutes. And, of course, join the conversation on Twitter @TheContentQ

How to Start Something New to Up Your Business?

Anna Kochetkova: how to up your business

We have finally rolled into the new 2015. Exciting! Many of us have been considering to start something new such as a blog Page, a social media account (or two) or maybe even a vlog. However, it is not always that easy to step into the unknown. Or is it?

Watch how to get over this “not very easy” and start something new to up your business.

I have finally started my vlogging (which I keep calling Vblogging in my videos lol) which is still a diamond in process of course. I am having a lot of fun exploring YouTube and I am also mastering a new skill I would like you to take up as well.

I’ve finally come to realisation that dreaming of a change is not going to change anything. It is time to act!

I studied journalism for 6 years and even appeared in front of a professional video camera for a quick news piece during my second master degree in Sydney. Regardless, I’ve never picked up a camera again… well till now! Why now? Why videos? What is it all about?

Anna Kochetkova: my videos on YouTube


I am a creative little creature who appreciates good content including awesome design, yummy copy, crisp imaginary and, of course, a consuming movie. It is absolutely out of character for me to join YouTube community so late in my life. It’s better later than never, isn’t it. Regardless, I’ve always seen an amazing value in videos. I spent a few months of my life, when I was about 13, playing with a cassette operated video camera back in my parents Russian summer house. I used to pretend I owned a movie studio where I was recording my little novels and thrillers.

The technological jump allowed my parents to transfer my cassettes into a DVD which they later posted to me. Along with my little studio experience footage (which I absolutely forgotten about at the time), my parents also sent me a few wedding, new year celebration and little Anna poems telling videos. While innocently watching my bother’s wedding and a few other family movies I started to recall my truly embarrassing experience with a camera over 1o years ago. Imagine my surprise when a teenager appeared on the screen presenting her imaginary studio, acting and pretending for good three hours. I recognised myself and wished I had watched this video alone, not with my partner.


Anna Kochetkova: bringing you the value

As I mentioned earlier I clearly see the value in the YouTube channel (at the end of the day I am a social media manager); however have never really attempted it… well, till now. Last year, I worked for a financial planner getting their business ready for a new digital jump. The idea was to start a YouTube channel and publish videos weekly (along side with a bunch of other marketing activities). While ‘getting ready’ for the launch aka purchasing tripod, ordering lights, finding the best camera, writing transcripts, training employees etc we forgot about something important – to actually start creating video content. The project ended up being paused due to the team being ‘not ready’.

It got me wondering why we have never started video production. I realised that small business, apart from the infinitive lack of time, are often very hesitate to make a first step. Similarly to little children, smaller businesses are unsure if the move is going to be positive.

I realised that many small businesses get buried under their own research looking for the best equipment or the cheapest option or better service; meanwhile missing out on actually video producing.

Similarly, I spent a few months researching my video intentions, making notes of equipment I wanted, watched a tone of educational videos, talked to a few veterans in the industry… which made me finally realise that I had to start it now no matter if I was still shooting on my phone. This is how I have finally arrived to the point of shoot my first video (In December 2014). I pushed planning aside and held my phone in the stretched arm wishing my potential viewers Merry Christmas, mentioning benefits of holidays business branding.

While editing my first and second videos I accumulated a few tech questions I later on addressed to a few educational movies ordering the suitable for me equipment. Do you see where I am going with this? Starting something new such as writing your first blog or shooting videos will force you to think of specific needs. Instead of wasting months and years of researching and evaluating start doing it fixing problems on the way. You might never publish your first two or three videos because you are a perfectionist but you will get it right eventually. I decided to go with my good and my bad displaying and monitoring my change together with you.

So, I welcome you to my first ever YouTube Vlog! As you can see my first two videos are clumsy and far from perfection but they are there for you to learn starting things for the first time. It’s your turn now! 

The Content Queen: why YouTube

Why YouTube?

Well, if you are still not aware of it, here are a few major reasons: 

  • 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth
  • 80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  • YouTube content improves your SEO
  • Video content is a powerful branding tool
  • Huge potential to get your message in front of larger audience
  • Video content is relatively easy and inexpensive to produce
  • People love watching videos

If you have any questions I am available on any of my social media channels or simply leave your comments below. Happy vlogging!

How Can Financial Advisers Rock on Social Media?

Anna Kochetkova: How Can Financial Advisers Rock on Social Media?

Social media marketing has been one of the most controversial marketing tools for financial industry (small biz). On other hand, marketers absolutely in love with social media because it is one of easiest ways to implement and measure when it comes to marketing efforts. Apart from referrals I cannot think of a better marketing tool than social media.

Saying that, I am a strong believer in the full implementation of a whole marketing machine including website, landing pages, data capturing tools, email marketing, public relations, content, blogging, social media and sales.

I’ve been lucky to work with a few financial industry businesses helping with their events, email marketing, content and social media. I’ve gone through a massive learning curve I am very eager to share with anyone starting up their content or social media marketing. They say, if in doubt – don’t do it. This is true to some extent. When we face the unknown we are more pron to errors. However, if never approached – never learnt hence never benefited from. I encourage financial planners and accountants to take a tiny little bit of interest in their marketing strategy, spend more time with their marketing managers or agencies. Similarly, we all should be taking more care of our financial statements.

Financial advisers, mortgage brokers, accountants, business coaches and IT providers can benefit from implementing social media strategy; however many are missing out on this opportunity. I can’t blame them. There are three main reasons I’ve identified why financial industry businesses fail to utilize social media. 

  1. First of all, lack of understanding how social media works as well as sour experience of dealing with bad social media marketers.
  2. Secondly, not giving it enough time and expecting quick ROI.
  3. Finally, an assumption that social media only works with retail and that Facebook is for teenagers to post their food pictures and inappropriate self portraits.

Social media provides a common space for users to hang out. Businesses are also invited to hang out… with their customers. Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others, provides a channel for businesses to communicate their offerings through.

Financial planners, mortgage brokers, accountants and business coaches are, in fact, extremely suitable businesses for social media. No doubt that retail and other mainly B2C businesses are doing really well using their social media channels. Mind you though, they are doing well because they are targeting their audience correctly. There are hundreds of B2C businesses doing it wrong as well.

There are a few important elements to keep in mind when building your B2B business digital presence.

  1. First of all, your message aka content. Keep it short, clear and fun. Less selling – more helping.
  2. Secondly, image quality is crucial. Ditch your little pixelated Google images and adopt high resolution branded pictures.
  3. Finally, be relevant to your customers aka provide information your customers are looking for instead of selling to them.

I am sure you are familiar with all three elements and probably have been told a numerous times about them. However I am going to try my best to explain in different way how and why each of the mentioned social media elements can make your business rock. Social media is not a rocket science; however if badly explained it is most likely never understood.

When I say ‘good content’ I mean easy to read, quick and clear. I don’t mean that you need a 1000 word essay about how amazing your business is. I am sure it is. However on social media, ‘strangers’ don’t care. What they might care about is health co-payments news, discounted holiday vouchers, new child’s care facilities in the area and a new BMW range release. In other words, people want to read about themselves. People want to know things that would make their lives better, easier, funner, cheaper, crazier, calmer, etc, etc, etc.

I decided to bring an example in to show you what I mean. American Express (image below) has nothing to do with sunsets or surfing or anything remotely related to water sports or beach culture. Or does it? The image below is a snapshot of the American Express Facebook Page which is a colorful representation of what their customers like. Do you want to read about how amazing their credit card policies are or do you want to read about the best places in Australia to go on holidays to? Well, 2100 people liked the idea of best summer places in Australia and 146 people liked it so much they wishes they had it on their wall so they shared it.

This doesn’t mean that now American Express has 100 new clients or Facebook paid them for being awesome. Most likely they will be paying Facebook to get such even moderate results. However 146 people who shared the American Express image and 2100 people who liked it have now exposed the American Express brand to their network including their friends, family, work, etc.

Thus, this is 2246 opportunities to spread a word about your awesome business. All these brand ambassadors have shown your business to everyone in their network. Potentially, we are talking about exposure to hundreds and hundred thousands of people with the help of one warm worded content, high resolution image and zero selling Facebook post.


Anna Kochetkova: American Express facebook post

So why many small businesses in the financial industry don’t get it? Well, everyone has their own reasons. However I’ve learnt a few typical perception mistakes which many of us are guilty of from time to time.

Many financial industry businesses believe that they are bound to be serious and boring. Professionalism is not just a word for them, it is almost a legal obligation. Many business owners are slightly scared of being different. No wonder, standing out means being noticed which will attract both positive and negative feedback from the outside world. Moreover, becoming different most likely means adjusting your branding or maybe even totally re-branding your business. Losing the identity you are very comfortable with is extremely hard and no doubt painful. No change is easy. However nothing good comes from easy. Saying that, I don’t preach leg breaking changes but I encourage small adjustments.

Here are a few small changes tips for financial industry small businesses: 

  1. Allocate a few hours on deciding who is your best client. Write down their characteristics, habits, marital status, interests, hobbies etc. Identify 3 key themes you know your customers are interested in. For example, a friend of mine is a business coach. His best client (by ‘best’ I mean the one it is easier to sell to and you enjoy working with) is a business woman wishing to start her own business  instead of working for someone her entire life, she is recently married, loves traveling, exercise and planing children within the next 3-5 years. My friend identified 3 themes his best clients loves: business tips, travel & active lifestyle and children & home planning.
  2. When you have your 3 key themes, spend a good day or two browsing around for good sources of information you could share on your social media. Spend some time finding copyright free high resolution images. When you find your articles, images, infographics or you make them all this is your content you are now ready to unleash.
  3. Plan your content. Take a calendar, print or online, and write down what, where and when you will be posting. Before even creating your Facebook page, make sure your entire month in advance is full of content. Start posting 3-4 days a week and see how you go.

This is your little start: go with two social media channels, research your customers, identify themes / topics you want to be an expert in, plan your posts and start scheduling. It’s free! It’s easy! It’s fun when you get into it!

There is more to it,of course; however this is something to start your social media adventure with. If you feel like you don’t know what to share on social media you are probably thinking about your industry and your business. Start thinking about your clients, their business, their life, their problems, etc and the content ideas will start flowing to you.

Similar concept is applicable to blogging. If you decided to start a blog page on your website, congratulations – this is an awesome way of growing your brand. However, you need to think it through, plan ahead and take it seriously just like you think of your business.

I will share more tips on content creation and planning for your business blogging. Feel free to send me your particular questions so I can include them in my next blog post.

When Hated, Give Love And Walk Away

Anna Kochetkova: Haters Gonna Hate

You see someone’s new blog post or an image uploaded to a social media channel, someone’s birthday update or fans’ comments… and blood is boiling in your head. You think that social media is stupid and de-moralizing, all these seemingly social and successful people don’t have real friends or work and that all these annoying social butterflies spend their entire lives on Facebook telling people how awesome they are, stealing your sleep at night. You think their updates are stupid. You think their followers are blind. And you know it is all artificial and everyone is brainwashed. However, you are also on Facebook… You are probably a hater – and haters will hate!

Life is not a black and white movie. There are other colors as well as other people. You cannot be loved by literally everyone no matter how amazing you are. Whether you are running a charity or a terrorism group, some people will support you and other won’t. Moreover, some people won’t just dislike but hate you (and what you do). This is a special type of people, they are called haters.

There is an enormous amount of articles written about haters and you’d think ‘enough of giving them a platform’. I agree; however I am going to talk about it because although I don’t often get haters ‘love’, I recently met a few random people who happened to be mutual friends with many others I know, spreading hateful opinions. Without naming any names, I’d simply like to remind everyone that haters will hate hence keep calm and ignore them.

haters always hate something

I updated my LinkedIn status on Friday writing three quick tips on social media, the tips that worked for me and a number of successful businesses. Although this is not much of a drama I decided to use it as an example today to remind everyone that being hated is nothing to do with you or your work. You cannot control angry with themselves people but you can control how you feel about it and what you do. 

I put together a few tips which I apply when I face haters online or offline. I felt like sharing it you hoping that they could he useful for you. If you have some other ways of ‘managing’ haters, please share, I’d love to learn. 

1. Let yourself feel. I’ve learnt, over a period of a few years, that hiding feelings can often result in a hurtful burst. Trying to make yourself feel nothing would most likely result in stressing yourself. If you are upset about someone’s hatred towards you or someone you know, express it (in a safe way). I, for example, simply accept what I feel. I say out-loud that something upsets me and I move on. Sometimes it takes a second, sometimes it takes a day but the negativity is always gone eventually.

2. Give love. When you are upset you don’t feel like loving because you need to be loved yourself. However if you give love as a reply to someone’s hatred you disarm them. Accept your feelings, move on and simply give some love back. Don’t forget to breath to calm yourself down if you need to.

3. Don’t defend – listen & accept. Interestingly, defending yourself is often seen as accepting the guilt or taking the blame. At the same time, naturally, we know that when we are attacked, we need to defend. Haters rarely have grounds to attack anyone on, it is simply an expression of their unhappiness with themselves (or any other unrelated to you reason) hence there is really no need to defend from them. Walk away! Let them get it all out, smile at them and give some love in return, walking away.

4. Don’t take is personal. And we often do. However this is something you need to practice to master. As a writer, for example, I don’t always get everything 100% because people perceive things differently. When my client is upset with something I deal with the facts they are upset about, not their or y feelings. Any negative feedback is a feedback as well hence I take it under consideration because I value criticism. However if I identify a hater, I lose the interest and walk away (usually giving love).

5. Many people I talked to about ‘managing’ haters suggested I practice yoga. I don’t; however I’ve included it today because it works for a large number of people I work with or friends with or both. If this is something you do, please share your outcomes.

“Haters will hate by default. Be a lover and share your love by default leaving haters disarmed.”

– Anna Kochetkova

Anna Kochetkova: give love

Embrace Your Perfect Imperfection

Some of you might not know that I strive for perfection often forcing myself to stop chasing invisible perfect. I am sure you know a person or two who are a perfectionist. Although I wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist I really enjoy a good order in my life… which is by the way inaccessible.

some of you might not know but I am also into fitness including running, cycling and weights lifting. I’ve always been into trying new bodybuilding plans & approaches, going to the gym and buying quirky gym clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a gym junkie, I’d like to think of myself as averagely passionate.

There are a few people on the Internet that I found very useful during my fitness journey so I continue checking in with them to see what they are up to. I enjoy their tips and found them applicable in my life.

Naming a few… Heidi Powell is a trainer and transformation specialist on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, in the USA. Natalie Hodson, who shares some amazing lean recipes and exercise planning, has been another person I truly felt like ‘stalking’ online in order to learn exercising, eating and happy thinking.

Talking about happy thinking… I bumped into a joined campaign both Heidi and Natalie participated in. ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ is a movement symbolising the fact that we all have some kind of imperfections and it is absolutely perfect.

Heidi Powell & Natalie Hodson: perfectly imperfect

Here what Heidi says:

“We are ALL perfect in our imperfect states. In a world saturated with social media and online-everything – looking too-perfect-to-be-true – it’s hard to believe that imperfection is actually perfection. So much value is seemingly placed on the sexy selfies we take, the places we visit, the “experiences” we have, and the successes we portray. I will be the first to say that social media, blogging, and most anything online tends to only portray the happy, easy, and beautiful parts in my own life. Like you, though, I am normal – I want to be loved and accepted like everyone else. I yell at my kids, I fight like a madwoman with Chris every now and then, and I oftentimes am embarrassed to find myself enviously stalking others’ Instagram accounts.”

I loved the ladies’ movement so decided to share it because all of us lose the sense of reality from time to time affected by the perfect wold of The Internet. This is why I am going to share Natalie’s tips of staying happy and easy on yourself maintaining health living.

Natalie confesses that although her Facebook Page has 200,000 followers (MAMA MIA WOW) she feels like she is not always a perfect friend and often struggles with communication. So, here what helps her to stay on the horse of happiness by embracing the imperfections.

  1. Keep your circle tight. If anyone among your friends is making you feel unworthy or unhappy or not enough, kick them out. Do not hold on to the people who do not value you.
  2. Start setting micro goals. Writing down and following through with a few little goals will help you improve your lifestyle. When you set your small goals up and achieve them you feel much better about conquering the bigger ones. You are also training yourself to keep your promise.

Bottom line, everyone is imperfect. If you are following someone on social media looking perfect, behaving perfect, making perfect money, having perfect job, driving perfect car, etc you are seeing what they display carefully choosing the best bits which believe it or not could also be a rare occasion. We all are perfectly imperfect and it is time to embrace it! 

Don’t Stop Building Your Brand Because of The Christmas Fever

I’ve been researching into brand building recently and I’ve been talking to a few experts about it exchanging our opinions and experiences as well. So, I decided that I am gong to share a few thoughts with you today.

Christmas is coming and everyone is super busy with finishing everything on their plate, planning for next year as well. Therefore no one is taking up new projects which is understandable. However one of the possible projects could be really beneficial for you in new year if you start it not, in December.

You know how we often say Christmas is very commercialized? Sometimes we feel like its been pushed upon us – we are buying certain things because we are told so (advertising). It is, of course, all about family gatherings, presents and the smell in the air. I totally understand that. However there is also a commercial tint to it; and we feel it.

Your business can really benefit from the commercialized Christmas fever. Take all the negativity out, of course, and show what’s your business up to. What do I mean? This is the time for you to embrace easy social media benefits and beautiful content marketing.

  1. Take some behind the scene pictures
  2. Write predictions blogs on your website (or for other publications)
  3. Distribute your extremely relevant & timely content through social media

There are a lot of cool things you can do before and throughout Christmas so don’t close your doors just yet, don’t stop building your brand.

One of the tips I am giving you today is to get your camera rolling. I suggest you dress up your office, put a Christmas tree, run an office competition or a dress up party and take some high-resolution pictures. Moreover, find some awesome quotes to put together with your unique images and here is your amazing content. You could even shoot a video to say Merry Christmas to your customer.

All I am trying to say is open your doors up, show who you are and don’t get scared if you mess it up a little.

Now, my new project I am taking up now, in December, is videos. I waited a year and it is time to master one of my all time favorite content types. This is my first video since I was 12 when I used to constantly video record myself.